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We Provide Several Options To Save You Money

Benefits come when you need multiple training classes.
Our programs target individuals as well as organizations.

Group work

Savings Plans

There are 4 savings plans for you to save on training costs.
  • The Themis Savings Card - The more you learn, the more you save. Pay a one time fee of $8,995.00 and take as many Themis public classes as you want over a 12 month period.
  • Volume - Save money based on multiple enrollments for the same class. The savings begin with the third student enrolled in the same class by the same purchaser.
  • Prepayment - Pay in advance and receive savings on the amount prepaid for a block of seats. When a company prepays for a block of public seats, the seat use is up to the purchaser. The company can place as many or as few students as needed in any public class.
  • Host-Site - Free seats for IT professionals when you provide the training room and allow us to place other professionals in the class. You'll receive one free seat for a lecture-only class and 2 free seats for a hands-on class.
For public classes, you save through all 4 plans. For on-site classes, you save through volume and prepayment. And yes, for your on-site classes, you can combine both volume and prepayment savings.

We understand the importance of trusting those who do your training. You trust them to give the best in teaching and the finest in service. On behalf of our clients and students, we've lived according to that trust throughout our 25 year training history. And we live according to it today.

With Themis training and services, trust that you'll work smarter and save money within budget. You have our word on it.

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We are pleased to announce that effective July 1st, ProTech Training and Themis Education will join forces to become one of the industry's strongest Enterprise IT Training companies. Please click the button below to be redirected or visit our site at ProTechTraining.com.

Contact Information
Themis technical support for classes: themissupport@themisinc.com
ProTech technical support for classes: virtualsupport@protechtraining.com
ProTech/Themis voice: 1 (800) 373-9188 or 412-810-8855
All general inquiries: info@protechtraining.com