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Private Training Puts You in Control

A class at your site keeps your staff in familiar surroundings and
allows the training to target the specific needs in your organization.

Group work

Private Training

Want job performance improved immediately?

Nothing comes closer than our on-site training program when Themis instructors come to your workplace. They teach; the students learn. And then the students apply what they learn right there on the job. Immediately.

On-site savings options:

For on-site training, you can save dollars in a variety of ways.
For example, take advantage of our volume or prepayment savings plans.
  • Volume savings are based on the number of on-site classes held at your company. The savings increase as other classes are held.
  • And, take advantage of prepayment savings as well. Prepay for classes and you'll save. Just how much you save depends on the number of classes held.
  • To save more, combine both the volume and prepayment plans.
On-site means no travel time and expense.

Plus, with on-site training, students are where they need to be, at the office. And because they're at the office, learning on the job and then applying that learning, there's no need to incur travel time and expenses.

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