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JES2 For Systems Programmers


Duration: 4 days

Method: Instructor led

Price: $2250.00

Course Code: MF1078


System programmers who need an understanding of JES2


This course provides the fundamentals of JES2 to I/T Professionals. It is intended to provide the student with the understanding to control, customize and administer the JES2 subsystem in a z/OS environment.


  • I.Introduction to JES2 Concepts
    • Introduction to JES2 Checkpoint and Spool Operations
    • Examine JES2 Job Execution Phases
    • JES2 and Workload Manager (WLM)
    • JES2 System Configuration Options (Including Poly-JES).
    • Explore JES2 and JES3 Conceptual Differences
  • II.JES2 Initialization
    • JES2 Start-up Options
    • JES2 Procedure and Specification Requirements
    • Dynamic Allocation of PROCLIB and PARMLIB Specifications
    • Backup JES2 Procs
    • Introduction to JES2 Initialization Statements
  • III.Controlling JES2 Processes
    • JES2 Device Assignments
    • Internal Reader Facility
    • Specifying PROCLIBS
    • Job Selection Criteria and Job Initiation
    • Member Affinity and Initiator Management
    • Output Management
    • Print/Punch Phase and Output Routing
  • IV.Spool Volumes and Operation
    • Spool Volume Allocation
    • Spool Management
    • Spool Offload Facility
  • V.JES2 Checkpoint Processing
    • Checkpoint Sizing and Placement
    • Checkpoint Configuration Considerations
    • Checkpoint Reconfiguration Dialogues
    • Recovering from Multi-Access Spool (MAS) Failures
    • JES2 Checkpoint and the Coupling Facility
  • VI.Remote JES2 Configurations: RJE/NJE
    • Network Job Entry (NJE) Definitions
    • Networking Considerations and Topology
    • Remote Job Entry (RJE) Definitions
    • SNA vs BSE Definitions