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Kafka Essentials


Duration: 3 Days

Method: Instructor Led - Hands On

Price: $1800.00

Course Code: KA1000


Students should have basic knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Python, and be able to work from a command line.


Explore Kafka and learn to configure a distributed messaging broker.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Learn about stateless decoupled services and distributed systems
  • Learn to build robust systems using distributed messaging brokers
  • Learn best practices for building Kafka Producers and Consumers
  • Learn the roles of Topics and Partitions in Kafka


  • I. Introduction
    • Message Brokers
    • Stateless
    • Why Kafka
    • High Level Architecture
  • II. Installing Kafka
    • Zookeeper Installation
    • Single Node Kafka Server Installation
  • III. Kafka Topics and Logs
    • Creating Topics
    • Modifying Topics
    • Partitioning Topics
  • IV. Partitions and Replicas
    • Multiple Files
    • Multiple Nodes
    • Replication Factor
    • Leaders and Replicas
  • V. Kafka Producers
    • Role of Producer
    • Records
    • Message Durability
    • Batching and Compression
    • Create Console Producer
    • Publishing Data to Topics
  • VI. Kafka Consumers
    • Role of Consumer
    • Offsets
    • Consumers and Logs
    • Create Console Consumer
  • VII. Consumers and Consumer Groups
    • Consuming Data From Topic
    • Consumer Parallelism
    • Consumer Rebalancing
  • VIII. Apache Zookeeper
    • Cluster management
    • Roles
    • Basic operations
  • IX. Kafka Semantics
    • Dumb Broker vs. MOM
    • Kafka Semantics
  • X. Kafka Commands and API’s
    • Producer API
    • Consumer API