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IMS Database (DB) Coding


Duration: 5 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2950.00

Course Code: IM1090


Application programming personnel


This course is designed for application programmers requiring a detailed understanding of IMS database processing.

This course provides 14 programming exercises for the attendee too complete.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Code programs utilizing efficient retrieval, replace, delete and insert calls to IMS databases
  • Design, code and test restartable programs using symbolic checkpoint/restart and GSAM databases


COBOL or PL/I, TSO, JCL, IMS Concepts


  1. Hierarchic Structures, IMS system components and IMS Control Blocks
  2. Coding using CALL and/or EXEC DLI functions (entry statement, PCBs, SSAs, I/O Areas, status code checking, DIB Interface)
  3. Sequential Processing
  4. Getting Started (VSAM data sets, Loading, BMP vs DLI, JCL, DD statements)
  5. Random Processing
  6. Adding, Deleting, Replacing, Setting Parentage, Path calls, concatenated keys
  7. Using command codes
  8. Using Multiple database positioning
  9. Processing GSAM
  10. Processing using Secondary indexes, processing a secondary index
  11. Using the AIB (Application Interface Block)
  12. . Using CHKP/XRST calls, design considerations, and validation of results
  13. Fast Path Considerations (optional)
  14. BTS (Batch Terminal Simulator)
  15. DFSDDLT0 (test program overview)