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Db2 for z/OS Training

Db2 for z/OS - Applications

Db2 SQL for EveryoneDB1000
Db2 for z/OS SQL & Application ProgrammingDB1010
Advanced SQL for Db2DB1041
Exploiting Native SQL Stored Procedures on Db2 for z/OSDB1029
Db2 for z/OS COBOL Stored ProceduresDB1025
Stored Procedure Options on Db2 for z/OSDB1020
Db2 for z/OS Advanced Embedded ProgrammingDB1042
Db2 for z/OS SQL Optimization, Performance & TuningDB1032
Advanced Query Tuning with IBM Data Studio on Db2 for z/OSDB1037
Advanced SQL, Native SQL Procedures & Query Tuning on Db2 for z/OSDB1070
High Performance Application Design on Db2 z/OSDB1051
REST Interface in Db2 for z/OSDB1101
pureXML in Db2 for z/OSDB1091
Db2 for z/OS QMF WorkshopDB1060

Db2 for z/OS - Database Administration

Db2 for z/OS Database AdministrationDB3010
Db2 for z/OS Extended Features and Complex Object AdministrationDB3020
Db2 for z/OS Database Recovery and Advanced UtilitiesDB3011
Db2 for z/OS Database Performance TuningDB3052
Db2 for z/OS Database Administration RefresherDB3012

Db2 for z/OS - Systems

Db2 for z/OS Systems FundamentalsDB5000
Db2 for z/OS Installation, Migration and Systems AdministrationDB5001
Db2 for z/OS System Monitoring and Performance TuningDB5005


IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IIDR) for EveryoneDR1000