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Oracle PL/SQL Boot Camp

Program Begins: Monday, April 6, 2020

Needing to pick up Oracle PL/SQL skills?

This boot camp is comprised of the series of classes
to be held on the dates specified for each class below.

Group work

Program Details

This series of courses will prepare you for your role as an Oracle PL/SQL programmer. Each class is a combination of lecture and hands on workshops. If you enroll in this boot camp you can take any or all of the listed courses. Since many of our PL/SQL programs will contain embedded SQL statements, we start with SQL basics such as using the SELECT statement and all of its options. If you are confident in your SQL abilities then go right into our Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL Programming course where you will learn about PL/SQL programming standards, PL/SQL program structure, control constructs, loop constructs and handling execeptions. Beyond the PL/SQL basics, this series also covers advanced PL/SQL topics such as using collections and bulk coding operations along with tuning PL/SQL programs.

Signing up for this bootcamp will entitle you to retake these classes if needed when they are offered on our public schedule for a period of one year following the beginning of the program.

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Start DateCourse TitleLocation
04/06/2020 Introduction to Oracle SQL Distance Learning
04/09/2020 Oracle Advanced SQL Distance Learning
04/21/2020 Oracle SQL Optimization for Developers and DBA's Distance Learning
05/04/2020 Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL Programming Distance Learning
05/07/2020 Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Programming Distance Learning
05/11/2020 Troubleshooting, Debugging and Tuning Oracle PL/SQL Programs Distance Learning