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Db2 for z/OS Database Administration Boot Camp

Program Begins: Monday, August 1, 2022

Want to make a new Db2 for z/OS Database Administrator (DBA)? This series of courses has everything they will need to get started!

This boot camp is comprised of the series of classes
to be held on the dates specified for each class below.

Group work

Program Details

Get ready to become an expert at administering Db2 databases in the mainframe environment. This series of courses will prepare you for your role as a DBA. If you enroll in this boot camp you can take any or all of the listed courses. We start with mainframe basics such as ISPF and JCL. If this is not new to you then start with the next class on the basics of Structured Query Language (SQL) and Db2 Database Administration. The rest of the program will help you become proficient in all the tasks that a DBA will need to perform on a regular basis. Backup and Recovery, Advanced Utilities, Advanced Object Types, and Performance & Tuning are all covered in detail.

Signing up for this bootcamp will entitle you to retake these classes if needed when they are offered on our public schedule for a period of one year following the beginning of the program.

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Start DateCourse TitleLocation
08/01/2022 z/OS JCL, TSO/ISPF & z/OS Utilities Distance Learning
08/08/2022 Db2 SQL for Everyone Distance Learning
08/22/2022 Db2 for z/OS Database Administration Distance Learning
09/12/2022 Db2 for z/OS Extended Features and Complex Object Administration Distance Learning
09/26/2022 Db2 for z/OS Database Recovery and Advanced Utilities Distance Learning
10/11/2022 Db2 for z/OS Database Performance Tuning Distance Learning