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z/OS Systems Boot Camp

Program Begins: Monday, June 4, 2018

The world is running short on z/OS Systems Administrators. Here is everything you need to fill this very importan role in a large mainframe organization.

This boot camp is comprised of the series of classes
to be held on the dates specified for each class below.

Group work

Program Details

The z/OS System Programmer boot camp will ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of system programming in a mainframe environment. This includes the ability to use TSO/ISPF, JCL, z/OS utilities, configuration of key PARMLIB members, JES, devices, parallel sysplex, Unix Systems Services (USS), RMF for performance, and using IPCS to read system dumps.

Signing up for this bootcamp will entitle you to retake these classes if needed when they are offered on our public schedule for a period of one year following the beginning of the program.

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Start DateCourse TitleLocation
05/21/2018 z/OS JCL, TSO/ISPF & z/OS Utilities Distance Learning
06/04/2018 z/OS Systems Programming Fundamentals Distance Learning
07/09/2018 z/OS Systems Installation and Customization Distance Learning
07/16/2018 Parallel Sysplex Overview & Concepts Distance Learning
07/30/2018 JES2 For Systems Programmers Distance Learning
08/13/2018 HCD and IODF Fundamentals Distance Learning
09/10/2018 Introduction to z/OS Unix System Services Distance Learning
09/24/2018 z/OS Dumps and Debugging Workshop Distance Learning